Gordon Ramsay: The Food Royalty

Food is not just about eating, well, it is, but there is more to it than cooking. Some say food is business and it means money. How can food rake in money you ask?5035053622_9e66f1f663

Today there are so many TV programs about food and being inside the kitchen, weaving the strings that make up what is classy yet healthy and delicious food.

If you are a fan of recipe TV or cooking shows and reality productions, then you are familiar with the name Gordon Ramsay. He has made his name known in the media platform as well as cookery publications.

For more on the publications and his book ‘Humble Pie’, you can do more research for this and read additional articles.

Some of the most popular shows for which Gordon Ramsay is most known for include;

  • Hell’s Kitchen

From the name of the show, you now realize the meaning of the statement if you cannot handle the heat get out of the kitchen, only in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen, he brings the heat. What probably stood out in Hell’s Kitchen that earned Ramsay an equal share of criticism is his use of curse words and what most people termed ‘too harsh’ about his character.

Throughout the show, you learn about simple tasks, like making sorbet, or having one healthy ingredient like cauliflower, and presenting it three-ways to come up with a delicious and healthy plate.

  • Masterchef US

Perhaps Ramsay learned a few things about being more supportive to the amateur cooks in Hell’s Kitchen because in Masterchef US, he is pretty calm, and what’s more, you can even catch a glimpse of a smile.

However, during the pressure or invention tests, there was nothing quiet about Ramsay.

In other pages on this site, you will learn more about Ramsay, and how he has taught so many home cooks what it takes to become a top chef.

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