Dishes: A Guide to Pakistani and Indian Dishes

Pakistani and Indian dishes have become increasingly popular nowadays and they share a common origin. These delicacies are well known for their unique flavors and tastes, and this site will share with you the favorite dishes from the Asian community. You will get to know more about their dishes – from biryani to keema to falooda drinks and many more.


Biryani is a traditional Indian and Pakistani type of dish, made with meat, rice, and spices and could be served with special yogurt called raita. Meat used can either be chicken, goat, lamb or pork. The dish is excellent, can either be marinated or not depending on your preference. You sprinkle the rice with coriander and mint leaves as the final touch.


Nihari stew is a slowly cooked meat, mainly lamb or beef, along with garnished bone marrow to add taste. Served with coriander leaves, green chilies, lemon wedges, dried onions and sometimes with cooked brains from a lamb or beef, you will enjoy this stew!

Delicious Keema

Basically, this is minced meat with a lot of spices. Keema is a traditional Pakistani dish served with Naan bread and occasionally with boneless chicken. You can easily cook it but needs several hours to be ready.

Butter Chicken

It’s an everyday Indian meal, with chicken cooked over coals. When the butter chicken gets cooked, you make a small bowl shape using aluminum foils and place it on top of a curry. You then burn a briquette of charcoal until it’s red hot and put gently the charcoal into the aluminum foil bowl. Immediately cover the meal. Before serving remove the cover, charcoal, and the foil bowl.

Falooda Drink

In India and Pakistan, falooda is a drink perfect for summer, which is kind of the Indian equivalent of bubble tea. You can quickly prepare with milk, sugar, basil seeds, vanilla ice cream, and cardamom powder. The drink is excellent when served piping hot!

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