Culinary Education and Training

Once you finish high school, you are mostly wondering about what courses to pursue. To beat this form of confusion as you are just from high school, you may visit different sites on some of the courses or fields you may want to enroll in.6208425920_daf07cdfe2_b

Here you will find a few tips on the top culinary schools.

  • Institute of Culinary Education, New York

This college was founded in 1975. It is among the top culinary schools in New York. What makes it so unique is that it offers its students a global curriculum, which means you can work in any part of the world as you have mainly been trained to prepare almost any dish.

The instructors are not just tutors; they are chefs who understand the details and demands of the market and are sure to provide nothing close to half-baked graduates.

  • Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park

For the New York students, well, you have a second option apart from ICE mentioned above. Feel free to browse this site for more top culinary institutes in New York or other regions as you never run out of choices.

It is the oldest culinary college in America, which will give you the best education. It has campuses in St Helena, Texas and San Antonio, so you have no excuse if culinary school is your passion.

Although it started off as a non-profit institution, the CIA is committed to giving students the best training.

The college offers degrees and certificates in baking and pastry, culinary science and culinary arts.

  • Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago

This college is among the leading institutions in the culinary industry.

The students are trained by the world’s top chefs in French techniques, but you may have already figured that out from the name. Le Cordon Bleu is a better option for those who prefer online classes.

Among the famous graduates from Le Cordon Bleu include Lydia Shire, Nancy Silverton, Julia Child and James Peterson.

In other articles on this site, you will find details of top chefs and what inspired them to join the culinary industry.

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