Since time immemorial, the food industry has evolved. Climate change, geographical position, the population and the economy at large have affected some of the factors influencing food development.

On this site, you will find valuable articles regarding what foods are popular in different regions and how the dishes are prepared in various countries.

Effect on Health

A huge factor that is hard to overlook in a conversation about food is what effect it has on your health. In the subsequent pages, you will find articles highlighting healthy eating, diseases caused by poor eating habits and possible solutions and ways around enjoying a delicious healthy meal.

Today, more and more diseases are linked to poor diet, for example, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

A simple fruit can go a long way into elevating a dish full of deep fried food, which is high in saturated fat.

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Some of the ways in which you can improve your diet are by taking note of the nutrition information on the pack. Here, you will find a breakdown of the nutrients or calories.

Also, do not always go for the prepared food on the store shelf, which only requires you to drop it in the microwave for a few minutes. Cooking your food has proven to be a healthy option, compared to fast food that has been on the store shelf for a long time.

Fresh is healthy

A sure way to keep healthy is to eat your food as soon as you cook it. Fresh is best. In fact, you get more from most of your vegetables if you eat them raw.