About the Latte Art

Latte Art, as the name suggests is an art, which needs to be mastered.

As you may have read in some of the articles on this site, food is not just about the content, presentation is key, and in this article, this information will explain just how the latte art came into being.


For coffee lovers,2493678907_86b9c2be73_z they do not need to be told that the main ingredients are steamed milk and some espresso.

However, the design and pattern have got to be inborn. Nobody will teach you the calligraphy that you can drink!

Initially developed in Italy, the latte art was developed through combining microfoam and espresso. To come up with the olive branch, kitten or even bicycle pattern, you play around with the crema on your microfoam.

However, bringing it closer home, latte art was introduced in Seattle around the 1980s and 90s.

The very first latte pattern was, of course, the heart shape. There are many resources available for you to find out more about the different models, where they are most popular and how you easily you can become a pro latte artist.

In this article, however, it shares with you some of the simple techniques you can apply to have the most amazing latte art.

  • Free pouring

Although the term mentions the word ‘free,’ it is not quite that. You can hold the espresso in your hand or place it on a surface. Then you pour your crema in a slow but sure manner to make the designs and patterns. To get the best outcome, you are advised to tilt the cup a little and let the crema work its magic. Multiple pours may result in a more sophisticated design.

  • Etching

This is a more simple way of coming up with the best designs on your latte. It involves pouring chocolate powder through a cutout. In most cases, the cutout will be that of your preferred design.

For more information on what latte art is all about, read through the articles on this site.

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